Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transformers at Lincoln Memorial

On October 13th (Wed), 2010, the good transformers, Autobots finally showed up at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
In the previous occasions, mostly the Decepticons were spotted but this time, they were not. Around 10pm, NEST and Shia Labeoulf arrived and ran around for literally a couple of hours near the Memorial seemingly to dodge the eyes of the Decepticons. It was a quiet hide-and-seek but sooner or later, they would be hunted down!

Luckily, Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime, and the rest of the Autobots drove in from the side entrance and rolled out around midnight. The Autobots were not only the experts of fighting but also posing, as they all lined up to be "shot".

Although the exact reason why the Autobots appeared still remains a mystery until July 1st, 2011, it could be inferred that they wanted to protect not only humans, but also the temple of the 16th President Abraham Lincoln. As an enduring symbol of freedom and America, the Lincoln Memorial attracts anyone (or robot) who seeks inspiration, hope and even justice. Moreover, notable happenings, such as Martin Luther King, Jr.'s memorable speech, "I Have a Dream" was delivered there to approximately 250,000 people, so not only the human race, but the civilization, justice, culture and history need to be preserved.


Light Up!
          Line Up!
 Lincoln Couldn't Sleep!
 Michael Bay Crew (Cool)!
 Michael Bay Snapshotted With IPhone(4?)  
 Is That Why We Have High Crime Rate?
 "Back Off, You Will Crush Skinny Michael Bay To Death!"
Assistant Director(Front) Gave Us A Great Lecture! 
 "Please Don't Crush Me, I Will Make A Good Movie!"

 Shooting The "Transformation"
Watching the "Fight"?
"This is why He's Hot......" 

Shia Pushing Up!
3, 2, 1 Action!
Shia Ruined The Shot!
Michael Bay Directing!
Depressed Shia!
Optimus Prime!

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