Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"How Do You Know" Washington DC Movie Locations?

After all the battles with transformers, it is time to have our lives back to normal. The following movie location, Adams Morgan  is in the romantic comedy released during Christmas 2010, How Do You Know, starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson.

Paul Rudd Greeting Fans!
Paul Rudd & Reese Witherspoon Waiting!

Adams Morgan is a home to immigrant communities from Africa, Asia, South and Central America. It is a global village in the heart of Washington DC. If you click the above Adams Morgan link, you will be able to gain all the fun by yourself without paying anyone to guide you. Why? Because it has a calendar, so you can check when there will be special events (e.g. happy hours) to maximize your fun. Also, it has a thorough list of dining options from restaurants, bars, quick bites, live music to outdoor dining, so regardless of which age group you are in, you will be able to find a suitable dining place for your party, or yourself!

Of course, if you are a female, or your group has females, you will like to shop crazily. The link has a complete list for you to shop from head to toe. More importantly, most of the shops are locally owned, so you will find many special and vintage products for yourself and also your friends. After shopping, females can choose a salon, yoga studio and spa to relax for few hours to "carrie" on their luxurious day.  

Don't cry if you are a male, Adams Morgan has places of arts and amusements, such as karaoke, comedy, exhibits, and jeopardy, where you can get fun, get drunk, and get...... 

Therefore, Adams Morgan is different from other typical downtown areas, where you only shop, eat and f...un. The difference is 
that Adams Morgan has history, culture, and character.

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