Tuesday, April 5, 2011

State of Play, The Exorcist Movie Locations in Georgetown, Washington DC

The fairly recent political thriller, State of Play, and the very classic scary movie, The Exorcist, were both filmed in Georgetown. Although that might implicate scary or boring (due to politics) to you, it is actually one of the best shopping areas in the Washington DC. If you come to DC without visiting Georgetown, you have not seen the whole Washington, why?
Because it is a high end historic neighborhood. Four Seasons, the only 5-star and 5-diamond hotel in Washington DC is located at the entrance of Georgetown. Its direct competitor, The Ritz-Carlton, is about 2 blocks away and on top of the AMC Theatre. I have interned at the Four Seasons and visited The Ritz-Carlton, so my tips are that if you want to show off by staying in the most expensive hotel in Washington, DC. You might want to choose Four Seasons. Although you might run into some celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, etc (when stars film in DC, they usually stay there), you might find the rooms and hallways are not that grand. Nevertheless, its service is regarded as the best of DC; its unique selling point. 

If you want to spend about $100 less and have the same luxury with a better (river) view in your room, you might choose The Ritz-Carlton, but its location is slightly less convenient comparing with Four Seasons.

In terms of shopping, the ladies (and gentlemen) with the Sex and the City lifestyles should love the place, because there are fashion (e.g. H&M), dining (e.g. Bourbon Steak, the best restaurant in DC, located within Four Seasons), salons, movie locations (State of Play opening sequence; The Exorcist house), bars, gourmet bakery (Georgetown Cupcake), art galleries, interior design firms, education (e.g. Georgetown University), etc. 
State of Play

The Exorcist house

Therefore, Georgetown offers tons of entertainment and movie locations (many other films were shot there, too) for all DC local and visitors. Although there are more movie locations in DC, they will be left for you to discover, as this is the last post! I hence hope you all the best in terms of planning your own movie travel itinerary with this blog, and thank you for the support! Please refer to all the other posts for other movie locations in the DC area, or, leave some comments here if you have questions and I will answer them even if I am done posting.

Good Night, and Good Luck!

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