Tuesday, March 29, 2011

J Edgar Filming Schedule & Movie Locations in Washington, DC

While Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Armie Hammer, Judi Dench, etc just finished filming in L.A. for the biopic, J. Edgar, directed by  Clint Eastwood, the gang moved to Washington, DC. for the next set of movie locations in the previous weekend.

While extensive online and physical research (e.g. walking around Washington, DC on Friday and Saturday with about 3 hours per day) was done, nothing was found over the weekend. Even today, nobody has posted any videos or pictures related to J. Edgar movie locations on YouTube or Google. That might possibly mean that the scenes were interior rather than exterior (opposite to Transformers, read the first 3 posts) and there was a little evidence about that.

Although Friday was completely "quiet" in downtown DC, I walked almost the same route on Saturday again, because there was a twitter about filming in Library of Congress that day. While the building was great for learning American history and taking pictures, it also featured in many movies, such as National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which was discussed in the previous post.

 By me, nice?

After a careful search inside the library, I walked surrounding the library. I walked around not only 1 but 3 of the buildings to try spotting film crew cars. When I started to get disappointed walking around the back of The Thomas Jefferson Building, a small white van was driving toward me. I stopped walking and waited for the van to pull over. It stopped at the back entrance and a few suspicious camera men were jumping out with a few bags of possible lighting or filming equipment. 
 By me too, great?

After that, nothing was seeming to happen next there (e.g. more cars coming behind, etc), so I gave a final try by walking to FBI Headquarters, but again, nothing happened......

Although this post might be the saddest of all, and nobody knows where exactly J. Edgar was filmed in Washington, DC, you might still want to check out the places above before the film comes out, because all of those had the strongest rumor, and moreover, they were related to J. Edgar and his era. 

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  1. i was there, filming took place at library of congress and one other location in DC. i got to meet clint, armie, and naomi and got a wave from leo.