Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Movie Locations of Salt, 2012 & Independence Day in Washington DC

The movie locations of Salt, 2012 and Independence Day are just few blocks away from each other in Washington DC. As Americans love combos, let's check them out in one short combo trip.
Salt was released in 2010 summer starring Angelina Jolie. In the beginning of the movie, there was a scene when a Russian suspect claimed that Angelina was a Russian spy, so she had to be detained in the office/headquarter to be investigated. She claimed that she was innocent and needed to call her husband, but her request was rejected so she had to fought her way out and eventually running around with no shoes (clothes were still on!). The building that she was trying to escape from was shown below.

 Look Like FBI/CIA Building?

The building belongs to United Unions, Inc. It is a Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses) company. 

After "Salt", let's walk a few blocks down to see The White House, which was shot in a number of movies, but the ones that stick to our mind should be "2012", "Independence Day" and other disaster movies.

 Don't Cry! It's Only A Model! 

JFK Destroys The White House

Why we love disaster movies? Because these scare the s...ugar out of the Presidents, and we love to scare them, don't we (even if we are all like The Patriot, Mel Gibson)? However, if you want to schedule a tour (ages in advance) to visit inside, you should not like to scare the President, or at least not show that interest to others, because to go inside The White House is very difficult, even if you are white, love white, dress in white or bring white flowers (touch wood!). Nonetheless, taking pictures from the outside is enough for you all to get 1,000 comments on Facebook, so what else do you want? Plus, there is another view other than the 2 above but I won't post it. Find out and send us your pictures here!

Last but not least, there is another famous tourist site right next to The White House, can anyone tell me what it is by answering in the comment section? Answer is revealed next post! 

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